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EXITROOM POTSDAM Gerlachstrasse 39, 14480 Potsdam


Your tireless search for richness and bounty has led you, a group of bandits, to the famous city of Agrabah. However, upon arriving in the city, you could not help but wonder where the rumoured riches lie. The fields were dry, the citizens were poor and the landscape did not look like a prosperous one. Only the Sultan’s palace defied poverty, covered with gold and jewels. Many have been spread about the origin of the Sultan’s richness, and the mystery always remains a topic of interest. Needless to say, to Sultan’s palace immediately sparked your desire to steal from it, and so, you began to construct a plan to steal from the Sultan. Your plan was executed perfectly – you disguised yourself as the Sultan’s tailors and entered the palace without alerting anyone. Now it is your chance to find the origin of the Sultan’s riches and escape before he returns to his quarters in an hour’s time. Good luck!