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EXITROOM BERLIN An der Kolonnade 4, 10117 Berlin


The war seems to be won already. The enemy’s outposts are falling one by one into our hands and are forced to retreat inland. 24 hours ago, our brigade managed to capture one of the most strategically important outposts from the hands of the enemy. However, shortly after our forces have settled in, worrying news have been transmitted through our informer. An enemy bunker has been located exactly underneath the captured outpost. Before the enemy was forced to evacuate the bunker, a suicide mission decided to plant a atom bomb inside the bunker, in order to destroy any valuable intel and to cause as much damage as possible to our land.
You are our finest soldiers, and your mission is to infiltrate the bunker, gather the intel and defuse the bomb before the bomb detonates. Time is running out fast, and only 60 minutes remain for the mission.
You are our only hope. Good luck soldiers!