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Magic School

EXITROOM BERLIN An der Kolonnade 4, 10117 Berlin


You are Students at the Magical University “Lyria” and are close to finishing your studies here. But in the last Alchemy exam you couldn’t stop yourself from pulling a prank on the Alchemy teacher. He demanded your immediate suspension. But I was able to reduce your Punishment. They only took your Wand, but it is gonna stay confiscated over the whole summer. But yesterday evening I was eavesdropping on a conversation about your wand. It is supposed to be in the Alchemy teachers private Library. I can get you safely into it , but there awaits Bobby the Libraryelf. If he catches you snooping around, he is gonna lock the Door .If that happens you need to brew a Magic potion and find some Magic words to break the Spell that is keeping the door shut.

I don’t want to get near the Library but I’m trying to keep contact with the help of my loyal Owl. Every full hour the Nightguard is passing the Library, at that point you already need to be out.