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EXITROOM Berin Wilhelmstrasse 87, 10117 Berlin


It’s the year 350 before Christus, the world is tormented by famine,war and chaos. While attending our daily prayers in the temple of Pandora, a glorious light snatched us out of our thoughts and magically started talking. The light spoke about the Box with which Zeus doomed the earth, it’s still existing and it is the only thing that can save the world, a spark of hope. We followed the light and it brought us to the entrance of this cave. On our way here I’ve seen some inscriptions but I wasn’t able to translate them all.
It said something about “Prometheus” who is going to help you find the Box , and Divine wrath which strucks everyone that wanders more than 1 hour in these walls. I’m not done translating these Inscriptions, you better start alone and I will come after once I’m done here…